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Mid-Aspect Ratio Foils: One Wing for Everything

Freestyling, freeriding, pumping, carving up waves or wakes – these mid-aspect E-Type 2 foils blend it all together in a perfect package.

The E-Type 2 are available in 1400, 1100, 900, 750 and 625 sizes. While the two larger sizes are great for all-round light wind foiling and heavier riders, Benoit Carpentier’s signature three smallest wings stand out as truly exceptional high-performance wings that have become our team favourites.

The two largest sizes, the E-Type 2000 and 1700, remain unchanged with thick foil sections giving extra lift and super-low stall-speeds.


A. The E-Type 2000 and 1700 have extra thick wing profiles that, when combined with a mid-aspect outline, blend stability, lift and low stall speeds with extra glide. The downward-facing wing tips act like fins to add extra stability while the rounded tips make foiling super safe.

B. New for 2024: the faster, super-maneuverable, super-efficient E-Type 2 wings use a thin, asymmetrical wing section to generate huge amounts of lift per square centimetre of area. Keeping wing spans narrow enable them to carve, manoeuvre and react extremely quickly while the tips have been thinned out for even faster carving and for reduced drag.

C. The ‘moustache’ front-view features a concave in the centre section that generates more power for earlier take-off speeds, more pop for jumps and more efficiency for pumping. The slightly raised wing-tips allow the foil to breach smoothly when carving.

Wing Construction

The E-Type 2 900, 750 and 625 are built in Solid Core Carbon C300 for extra strength

The E-Type 2 1400, 1100 and E-Type 200o and 1700 are built in Foam Core Carbon C300 for lighter weight.

V8 mast length supplied with  the E-Types: 82cm

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