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Tempest delivers the stability and speed of a Worldcup race sail in a package that features three cambers, and a freerace temperament. It’s cross-over potential is huge. The Tempest is the best cam sail for 90% of the performance market. Take it cross-wind slalom sailing one day, and the next plug it into your foil board to rip around your local venue. The new twist flow gives a steady, centered pull that will accelerate hard and unlock blistering speeds. We keep it simple and feather-light with a mid-sized luff sleeve and sensible rotation. Add to that an aerodynamic efficiency that will find you using a smaller sail than your neighbor, and you have redefined a category.

Take one custom Twaron membrane, a skeleton that includes carbon battens, Avanti Arc Cams, and world-class detailing, and you simply have a product that stands apart.