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Ilmatäytteisen Kalla Boards Rescue SUP-laudan suunnittelussa ovat lähtökohtana olleet laadukkaan SUP-laudan ominaisuudet, pelastuslautaa koskevat edellytykset, sekä keveys ja ketteryys haastavissakin olosuhteissa. Kalla Boards Rescue lauta on syntynyt pitkään alalla toimineiden ammattilaisten suunnittelun tuloksena.


The design of the Kalla Boards Rescue inflatable SUP board has been guided by the characteristics of a high-quality SUP, the requirements for a rescue board, as well as the lightweight and agility needed in challenging conditions. The Kalla Boards Rescue board is the result of professional designers who have been in the industry for a long time.

The designers of the Kalla Boards Rescue identified the need for an inflatable rescue SUP board 10 years ago. At that time, only hard rescue boards were available. There were a few challenges with hard rescue boards: they were heavy to transport, lacked sufficient handles on the sides, and the wide board made maneuvering in water difficult.

The Kalla Boards Rescue combines speed, lightness, and the functionality of a rescue board. It features multiple handles on the sides, allowing versatile rescue operations and easy and quick transportation. The inflatable board is light and easy to carry into challenging water conditions. The sharp design of the SUP board enables swift movement on water, and its width is ideal for rescue tasks.

The Kalla Boards Recue SUP is widely used in various rescue services, lifeguarding, as well as in training and events by the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation (SUH).

Kalla Boards is a product brand of Rautio Sports. Kalla Boards was born from the passion and expertise in water sports, especially SUP boarding. The design team includes passionate enthusiasts and professionals with extensive experience in importing and selling SUP boards and in instructing, coaching, and training in the sport.

The board is manufactured using a special Double Layer method, making it extremely rigid at just 15psi. Recommended operating pressure is between 15-20psi.


Length: 11’2″ (340cm)
Width: 28″ (72cm)
Thickness: 5″ (12.7cm)
Weight: 9.3kg

Package includes: board, adjustable paddle, carrying bag, and pump.