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Formula Windsurfing European Cup 2014

The beautiful dunes and kilometres long sandy beach of Kalajoen Hiekkasärkät will act as an event arena for Formula Windsurfing European Cup Finland 2014. Come and experience the amazing light in the land where summer sun shines almost through the night!

Kalajoen Hiekkasärkät has been serving windsurfers for decades. The shallow water and sandy bottom at shore makes it easy for windsurfers to hit the water and train close to the beach area, and winds tend to favor windsurfers often especially in the beginning and in the end of the summer season (May to June and September to October). After dark winter season the summer days are full of light as the sun doesn’t go down and you can go windsurfing almost at any time of the day!

We have been hosting several national windsurfing events and some international events. Our biggest event so far has been the Winter Windsurfing  World Championships in 2013, when we got over 100 surfers racing on the iced waters.

The Formula Windsurfing European Cup Finland 2014 event is part of Kalajoki X-Games, an event that gathers together the best of Finnish freestyle snowboarders and skiers, competing on snow in the middle of sand and summer!

So be ready to experience your greatest time in Finland in the best windsurfing beach of Northern Scandinavia!

REGISTER TO THE EVENT! Fill in the Entry form and send it by email to sanna@rautio.fi.

Emergency contact and health information form



Formula Racing in Kalajoki


Kalajoki Resort (Source: Visit Kalajoki)















Rautio Sports Surf Center is once again part of fantastic Kalajoki XGames event!

All Formula Windsurfing European Cup 2014 participants get free entrance to XGames centre Dyyni Dance Bar!

X Games 2014